Important FAQ for customer service

Frequently asked questions

1. What Is The Minimum Account Opening Amount?

Accounts can be opened with any amount or with Zero balance as there is no minimum account opening amount requirement for all Ravennafin Account classes.

2.How Long Does It Take To Open An Account With The Bank?

Accounts are opened within 24 hours upon submission of complete documentation.

3.Can I Open An Account While Outside The Country?

You can open an account online here while out of the country if you have the proper documents. but the account will remain restricted until you customer care verifies you.

4.How Does A Customer Request A Cheque Book?

The customer will need to complete a cheque book requisition slip which can be gotten from from his online bank dashboard. Otherwise, the customer can write to the bank requesting a chequebook.

5.How Long Does It Take For The Request To Be Processed?

It takes 24 hours.

6.What Are The Requirements For A Change Of Address?

A duly signed instruction from the account holder informing us of the change of address, as well as a current PUR which has the new address of the customer, are needed for a change of address.

7.How Long Will It Take For The Change Of Address To Be Effected?

It will only take a few minutes, if all the requirements are in place.

8.Will The Name Change Take Effect Immediately?

Yes. If all the requirements are in place, the name change will only take a few minutes.

9.What Are The Requirements For A Change Of Name For A Corporate Account?

A new certificate of incorporation and a letter from the customer requesting a change.

10.Can A Third Party Collect A Customer’s Cheque Book? If So, How?

Yes, a third party can collect a cheque book on the account holder”s behalf. The account holder will need to write a letter authorizing the bearer to collect the cheque book on his behalf. The letter must be duly signed and the bearer must have a valid / acceptable means of identification.